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ISMC is a micro servo expert, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of high power density servo (micro servo) related products. With the vision of making motion simpler, more efficient and more intelligent, the company focuses on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, relies on original technological innovation, provides competitive servo solutions and services, and continues to create value for customers. Based on European standard product quality, international product innovation and expert technical services, the company is committed to miniaturizing, high-precision and modular core components through future-oriented technological innovation, leading the technological change of the industry, and improving the automation level of industrial manufacturing in China and the world.

 The company's founding team comes from the first-line R & D team of the world's top 500, has product R & D management, production management and quality management system in line with international standards, has nearly 20 patents related to micro-servo, and its products have passed international certification such as IEC61800, CE and ROHS. Micro servo drivers Diamond, Diamond Plus, Diamond Plus pin models; multi-axis micro servo drivers Ruby, Ruby Plus; universal servo driver Sapphire; Embedded servo driver Amber and other series, and provide high-end customers with international quality customized services, products have been adopted by more than 500 large equipment manufacturers. It is used in various high-tech industries with high requirements for response speed, accuracy (force control accuracy, position accuracy, speed accuracy), consistency and reliability, including electronic manufacturing, semiconductor, lithium battery, photovoltaic, medical, robotics, aerospace, automated automobile production, automated warehousing, automated logistics, rail transit, new energy vehicles and other industries.